We’ve invested in developing a customized, highly efficient, automated system called the PDM Process (Procurement and Delivery Method).  The intent of our system is to streamline all processing and centralize all information related to the procurement and delivery of material for each project. 

From the inception of selecting and ordering of stone, through final delivery; all pertinent documents, approvals, step by step status reports, correspondences, management of inventory, and billing, are found in our PDM Process. 


Our clients will have access to all needed documents for their orders as well as the ability to track progress until the entire procurement and delivery process is completed.

This robust, easy to use procedure, allows us to effectively manage multiple orders and deliveries of any size at any given time. Our PDM Process is a proactive way to ensure successes by its automated and standardized processing.  In doing so, we mitigate risk due to inconsistent systems for processing which may lead to miscommunication, missed schedules and poor-quality control.

Our PDM Process helps us build the trusting relationships we desire by providing high levels of communication and clarity during the procurement and delivery process and it enhances our ability to provide the personal care we intend for our clients.