Texture Inc. is a premium natural stone supplier specializing in the procurement and delivery of high-quality building materials for commercial, luxury residential, and custom projects.  Our goal is to provide efficient, cost effective solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients.

By leveraging low overhead cost and quarry direct pricing, we’re able to offer significant savings over the retail market.  In addition, we have access to virtually any dimensional, slab, prefabricated, or custom designed product with factory operations throughout Asia, Europe and South America.

With over 20 years of experience in the stone industry, we are proud to provide our resources for the needs of our clients.  We are relentless in our personal service, meticulous in quality control and timely in our delivery.  From the everyday to the exquisite, we are committed to providing viable procurement solutions to meet the most discerning standards.


Building strategic relationships with factories and quarries around the world, provides us with direct sources for procurement and delivery of natural stone.  The availability of global resources are valuable assets to our clients.  Over the last decade, we have developed relationships within countries such as France, Spain, Greece, Syria, Cyprus, Vietnam, Egypt, United Kingdom, Portugal, Peru, Israel, Brazil, Italy, China, Turkey, Mexico, and the Philippines.  Through those relationships, we’ve inherited an international variety of stone selections suitable for commercial, luxury residential, and custom projects.

Our ability to source stone directly from these countries provides wholesale cost benefits that our clients see for each project.